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Production companies can depend on FCIA.

Film Casualty has the know-how and coverages you need to protect all the moving parts of your productions. Here, get the lowdown on the basic components of what you need to safeguard your work and your film project!

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Commercial General Liability

This insurance covers filmmaking premises and locations, within the United States and Canada, for bodily injury or property damage from events occurring during your production. This coverage also protects you from lawsuits if someone who is not a direct employee is injured during your production.

Personal Property

Personal Property coverage insures against damage to others' property when shooting on location, such as rented or borrowed buildings and non-public outdoor locations. Your production remains responsible for care and upkeep of any leased, rented or borrowed properties for activities related to the production.

Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto covers your production for accidents, injuries and other incidents while using owned, rented and borrowed vehicles. Just like the auto coverage for your personal vehicle, you're legally required to carry Auto liability coverage for third parties; you can choose Comprehensive & Collision coverage that also covers damage to your production vehicles. We strongly recommend this. The incremental cost represents a major reduction in your exposure to loss.

Film Production Package

Film Production Package coverage includes a lot of things related to your work. It covers rented and owned equipment, props, sets and wardrobe, negative and faulty stock, extra expenses, cast, third party property and more. The Film Production Package does NOT cover technical mistakes such as using the wrong exposure or incorrect lighting on what you thought was the "final take" for a scene. Such mistakes can cost thousands of dollars at a time, or much more. You can help avoid such problems by sweating the details up front when defining your Film Production Package policy. When you invest in insurance, you're also investing in your technical chops and your leadership abilities. If you're confused about what you need to insure and what you CAN insure, FCIA is here to help you make the informed decision.

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Errors & Omissions

E&O insurance protects against possible intellectual property rights violations, and against libel, slander and defamation of character risks. We all know this could never happen to you, but in the wild and wooly world of film making, a lot of crazy things can happen. FCIA has your back when bad things happen to good people.

Employee Dishonesty

This is where it gets real. Speaking of bad things that happen to good people! Employee Dishonesty covers possible losses from equipment and other items that might grow small little feet and walk away from the shoot, with some help from a colleague. FCIA knows that this can never happen to your production's circle of grace, but realities intrude in even the most idealistic enterprises. Be prepared, with minimum effort, with FCIA.


Even more realness here. Employment Practices Liability Insurance covers against claims made by employees alleging discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment and other employment-related issues, such as failure to promote.

Worker's Comp

A must-have for your production. Workers' Comp covers medical expenses and lost income for employees who are injured on the job. This includes any work-related illness, as well as disability and death benefits for any cast, crew or employee.

While employees may be covered through another company's policy, it's a good idea for production companies to carry a backup policy so no one falls through the cracks. Like Jeff, the Production Apprentice. We gotta look out for Jeff, you guys.

Commercial Umbrella

This provides additional protection that your General Liability policy may not include. It covers more types of claims and at a higher limit. Simply put, it protects your company from losing big if a big claim comes in, like bodily injury liability or property damage.

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Even more solutions for all of the complexities of production.

Every company is different—that's why we work with you to find out which specialty coverages you need to keep your production on track.

  • Animal Mortality
  • Railroad Liability
  • Weather
  • Watercraft Liability
  • Hired Aircraft

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