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Blink + Film Casualty

Blink is a platform that hosts over 15,000 vetted photo and video professionals in 170 countries. It is lead by an executive team who previously held roles as the Page One Photo Editor at The Wall Street Journal and Editorial Director at Magnum Photos, Paris. The vision behind Blink.la is to provide real-time access to the largest news organizations and technology platforms to roll out quality content from all over the world. Blink.la provides a solution to handle the future of the media landscape which demands high-quality professional content at global scale. Blink.la clients include Airbnb, Google, CNN, The New Yorker, Vogue and many more. 

“Film Casualty Insurance Agency understands filmmaking in a nuanced way that no other broker that we spoke with could come close to. They understood our business and the culture of our community.”

Sharing a common vision

Film Casualty Insurance Agency and Blink share a vision. We know that there is an exciting future in scaled quality content and providing solutions that can be used both by platforms and the thousands of talented photographers and filmmakers needed to make this content. With the new scale required to create this work, Film Casualty Insurance Agency is happy to provide insurance solutions, not just for Blink but also for the Blink community.

A no-brainer choice

With a focus on the film industry Film Casualty Insurance Agency is uniquely positioned to provide Blink and their community exceptional customer service and fast turnaround of certificates of insurance. This is an especially critical task for Blink.la as they execute productions simultaneously and around the world. 

Confident in coverage and compliance

Meeting the needs of an organization and its insurance requirements as is serves a community of thousands while also providing certificates of insurance to businesses and organizations around the world is no easy feat. However, with a dedicated customer support team, Film Casualty Insurance Agency provides a responsiveness that is critical to Blink’s success.

“We feel great knowing that our productions and business is well insured."

Getting coverage was easy

Working with the Blink team we focused on how they use their technology platform to generate and craft campaigns with contractors around the world. Matt at Blink said, “We were impressed with Film Casualty Insurance Agencies dedication to supporting filmmakers and their deep understanding of the unique challenges facing content makers today” we crafted a policy to meet the needs of Blink and they said that “they are thrilled to know on behalf of their clients and partners that their productions are insured and protected.”

Backed by an amazing carrier

Film Casualty Insurance Agency placed the coverage for Blink with a policy from The Hartford, a company in business for more than 200 years. The Hartford is an A+ rated Insurance business with a trusted financial strength.  

"It’s great having the Film Casualty Insurance Agency team available to ask questions, even when we’re on set.”

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