About The Antipodean

  • Customer Since 2016
  • Member Michelle Excell, CEO
  • Company The Antipodean
  • Where New York, NY & San Francisco & Los Angeles, CA
  • Department Content & Experiential Representation
  • Employees 2

The Atopedian + Film Casualty

Michelle Excell spent years at the cutting edge of the advertising and content marketing world with some of the largest agencies in the world like BBDO Worldwide and MRY. She saw first hand the content business is shifting rapidly from 2D productions into massive virtual and real world experiences. With the massive new growth in the VR industry representative agencies like The Antipodean are connecting clients with world class creative talent.

“I feel great knowing that the creative that we represent and the events that we host are protected and insured.”

Sharing a Common Vision

Film Casualty Insurance Agency and The Antipodean share a common vision. We believe that there is an exciting future in virtual content and experiences. The Antipodean was launched in 2016 to provide education and access to some of the most innovative and talented virtual reality and experience production companies in the world.

A No-Brainer Choice

Michelle said that she “wanted to find an insurance partner who understands the production business and our unique role in it” as The Antipodean expands their offering and business they needed an agency that “could navigate the unique errors and omissions liability that businesses like ours are exposed to, as well as coverage for the events that we throw around the country. We bring virtual reality industry professionals together.”

Confident in Coverage & Compliance

Working with Film Casualty Insurance Agency, the team at The Antipodean has an extensive business owners policy that covers the risks and provides wide coverage to exposures. The policy covers everything from business interruption as well as liability and property coverages to protect the business and all of itʼs operations in the United States and Canada.

“The team at Film Casualty Insurance Agency provided me with excellent coverage and crafted the policy to fit my business.”

Getting Coverage was Easy

Michelle said that she “was amazed at the ease and thoroughness of the process in getting coverage.” She felt that the Film Casualty Insurance Agency online application was straightforward and helpful in understanding how her coverage protected her business. “When I was looking at getting coverage with other agencies, I was amazed at how slowly and burdensome it was to simply share business information so that I could get a quote.”

FCIA Helps Saves Time

When organizing events it takes a responsive team to generate and deliver certificates of insurance. Blink says that “getting my hands on a proof of insurance for event locations isn't an issue because of how responsive the Film Casualty Insurance Agency team is; itʼs very helpful.”

Backed by an Amazing Carrier

Film Casualty Insurance Agency placed the coverage for The Antipodean with a policy from The Hartford, a company in business for more than 200 years. The Hartford is an A+ rated Insurance business with a trusted financial strength.

Let's Protect Your Business.