Film and entertainment businesses of all types and sizes are exposed to cyber risks.

Cyber protection is an increasingly necessary insurance protection for businesses in the film and entertainment industries. To date, the most famous cyber claim was the 2014 hacking of Sony Pictures which resulted in millions of dollars of intellectual property loss, corporate humiliation, and the compromise of sensitive employee and vendor information.

Today, business runs in the cloud. Labor contracts, distribution deals, licensing, and other critical business decisions are negotiated online; call sheets, bill payments, and production operations are coordinated in real-time and shared with production departments. More so, production companies store valuable creative assets from pre-production storyboards to finished work product. All of these sensitive business operations and itellectual property are at risk from a number of claim scenarios.

Having the right coverage in place protects your company from business or production interruption, damaged equipment, lost reputation, fines, and the costs of compliance with state and credit monitoring laws. 

Cyber Coverages offer protection in the following types of situations

Malicious Destruction of Data  

Denial of Service Attack Virus, Malware, Spyware, etc. 

Accidental Damage to Data 

Human Error 

Electrical Power Surges

Natural Disasters 

IT System Failure 

Cyber Extortion Threats 

Third-Party Claim Scenarios 

Breach of Privacy 

Misuse of Personal Data

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