Guild Travel Accident protects against accidental death and dismemberment during travel for business.

SAG-AFTRA and other guilds, trade associations, and labor unions often require Travel Accident insurance for their members through their collective bargaining agreements. Film Casualty has insurance products to meet these contractual requirements for filmmakers who are producing content while employing cast and crew who are members of these organizations.

Travel Accident insurance will often pay benefits when covered personal suffers from an incident, such as accidents involving airlines, public transportation, and accidents while traveling to and from an airport. Coverage also almost always provides some benefits for an injury resulting in the dismemberment of hands, feet, arms, legs, and loss of sight, speech and hearing.

Full descriptions of coverages can and should be read by policyholders when coverage is purchased. 

Travel Accident insurance can be purchased in our following products: Short Term Productions, Production Portfolio Coverage, DICE/Annual Productions & Foreign Productions Coverage.

For information about required insurance and benefits for your cast and crew, please directly contact your employees' trade organization.

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